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Why were Americans isolationists?

A better question might be "why wouldn't they be isolationists".    The United States is an extremely isolated country, with two oceans  and only two countries sharing (MORE)
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Who are the Americans?

North, Central and South America are between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and topped off and bottomed off by North Pole and South Pole. In conversation though, "Am (MORE)
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Why American Girl?

  American girl is very cool, i have a couple of dolls myself. They are 18 inch and are lots of fun, you can dress them, do their hair and even interact with them, i sugg (MORE)

What does it mean to Americanize a Native American?

Americanizing a Native American is by definintion a contradictory statement. Being the original inhabitants of the North American Continent i.e the original Americans, they ca (MORE)

What did the Americans get in the Spanish-American War?

In winning the Spanish-American war, in 1898, America gained temporary control of Cuba and indefinite colonial authority of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines from the Span (MORE)

What is Americanization?

Americanisation is the term used to describe how American culture is dominating the world, putting third world cultures in danger of extinction. All of America's leading brand (MORE)

What is an Americanism?

An expression that would be typically used by an American. Usually in contrast to an equivalent term by another English speaker. For example, where an American would say, "I'd (MORE)

Why did Americans fear Japanese Americans?

Large numbers of Americans feared or were concerned about many  Japanese that were either legal residents (i.e. with green cards)  or were US citizens. This was because some (MORE)