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What is a newbie?

A newbie is someone who is a newcomer to an internet community (gaming, forum, etc). It is commonly confused with the term noobie which is more malicious to the person being n (MORE)

What is the Origin of the surname Newby?

This name is of early medieval English origin, and a locational surname deriving from any of the various places named Newby in the North of England, for instance in Cumberland (MORE)
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What does newbie mean?

A person who is new to something. Such as online games, or new to some other things.
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What is a newbie of Doctor Who to do?

Use youtube to find clips, videos and even past episodes of Doctor Who to get more familiar with the show if it is something you are interested in getting to know better. You (MORE)

What is a newbie reporter?

A newbie or a 'noob' reporter is a reporter that is particularly new too something and does something poorly, annoying, stupid, idiotic, immature, and or badly whatever it (MORE)