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When newborn can see?

  they can see when they are first born. But their view is better when an object is up to 8-12 inches away from their face
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What to get newborn?

  all the neccessities like: clothes,diapers,rags,towels,soap,lotion,wipes,bibs,bottles,blankets,thermometer,syringe for nose,etc. no toys or anything yet
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What rhymes with newborn?

adorn, born, borne, bourn, Braun, brawn, corn, dawn, drawn, faun, fawn, forborne, forewarn, forlorn, freeborn, horn, lawn, lorn, morn, mourn, newborn, Norn, outworn, pawn, por (MORE)
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How to get a newborn to cry?

Why would you want a precious newborn to cry? Alas, if you really want to, pinching them is a way to do so, I suppose. Or, not changing their diaper. But it's normally best if (MORE)

How old are newborns?

Any child under 7 years of age is consider new born. It is a word of Samarian origin. I Samarian, "niew" means 7, and "Brn" means under.

Why newborns are colic?

Scientists can only theorize, but many believe it has something to do with diet or lack of breast feeding. The very definition of colic is crying or other signs of distress fo (MORE)