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Where is the cheapest place to buy yu gi oh cards in Newcastle upon tyne?

Really the only place I know of that sells yugioh cards in newcastle would be The Forbidden Planet, they have a website just search on google.
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What are the worst things about Newcastle upon tyne?

The weather can be unpredictable - you can sometimes see what you would expect to characterise all 4 seasons in one day. People have said if you can cope with the weather in t (MORE)
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What region is Newcastle upon tyne?

Newcastle upon Tyne is in the county of 'Tyne and Wear' which is in the region 'North East England'
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How many bridges are there over the river tyne?

  There are seven bridges crossing the river tyne between Gateshead and Newcastle   Millenium Bridge(pedestrians and cyclists), Tyne Bridge(road), Swing Bridge(road), H (MORE)
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Who was Tyne Daly married to?

  Ms. Daly was married to Georg Stanford Brown for 24 years (1966 - 1990) (divorced), has 3 daughters.
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How did the river tyne get its name?

There is no evidence to confirm where the name came from. But early Anglo Saxon for the mouth of the river was recorded as Tinamunde
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How did Newcastle get the earthquake?

Originally, it was proposed that the Newcastle earthquake was caused by the mining in the area. Investigations following the earthquake suggested that it was triggered by 200 (MORE)