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Why is there a settlement at Newcastle upon tyne?

Monkchester as it was called before the Keep was built by William the conquers son in timber then stone 1172 or there abouts. It was an important position on the Banks of the (MORE)
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What are the worst things about Newcastle upon tyne?

The weather can be unpredictable - you can sometimes see what you would expect to characterise all 4 seasons in one day. People have said if you can cope with the weather in t (MORE)
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What region is Newcastle upon tyne?

Newcastle upon Tyne is in the county of 'Tyne and Wear' which is in the region 'North East England'
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Where is Newcastle?

Newcastle is in Australia NSW   Newcastle is about a 2 hour down from Sydney   The are two Newcastle's in England, Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East and Newcastlee (MORE)

What is the zip code of Newcastle upon tyne?

Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK doesn't have a zip code as such, the postal service uses post codes. The prefix for areas in and around Newcastle is NE, with NE1 comprising the (MORE)

What is tyne on a deer?

tynes (usu called brow tynes, sp?) are the antlers (usu shorter than the others but not always) that are closest to the deer's skull on a deer with typically formed horns.