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Is Newport university California a good University of distance learning?

I think it has the capacity to deliver good educational values. I received a Ph.D. Degree from them many years ago. I knew it was not accredited but I already had degrees from (MORE)

Can you swim in Long Beach California?

Of course you can swim in Long Beach. The better question is "Should you swim?"... If you are talking about the ocean, I would simply go elsewhere as it is a geographic catch (MORE)

Distance between san Diego and Malibu beach California?

  For me, to go from Pepperdine University to San Diego State University is exactly 150 miles and takes about 2-3 hours depending on traffic.
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Where is Newport Beach located?

Newport Beach is located in southern California. It is situated between the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, being located just south of Anaheim and Huntington Beach.
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