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Is Newport university California a good University of distance learning?

I think it has the capacity to deliver good educational values. I received a Ph.D. Degree from them many years ago. I knew it was not accredited but I already had degrees from (MORE)

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How to Install a Backyard Waterfall

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How describe the good beach in California?

I've lived in Ca for 8 years and my house is right next to the Golden Gate bridge. The beaches are awesome!. However, unless you go to one of the turoist sites, there won't be (MORE)
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Where is Newport Beach located?

Newport Beach is located in southern California. It is situated between the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, being located just south of Anaheim and Huntington Beach.
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What are the best beaches in California for surfing?

There are plenty of great beaches for surfing in California, but it really comes down to the weather of the day. If it is sunny and windy in one area, it may be better than an (MORE)