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What is a newspaper?

it is a paper withdifferent pages and it tells you whats happening in the world. A newspaper is a a printed publication that features news articlesamong other items

What is newspaper?

Newspaper is a device used to discuss about many things fromcurrent world news to sports, entertainment, life, cooking, stocks,businesses. Newspapers basically tell you or giv (MORE)

What are newspapers?

a newspaper is a piece of paper that tells information to people so they can know what is going on around them.

Why do you have newspapers?

At its best, newspapers keep government honest. Newspapers shouldspread truth to the world. They also entertain us, and inform us.

What is in a newspaper?

A newspaper is a regularly scheduled publication containing News , information, and advertising, usually printed on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper such as Newspri (MORE)

How can you be in a newspaper?

Write a letter to the editor expressing your concern about something. Write an article and send it to the paper. Do something that will be news ( not something bad). Become a (MORE)