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How does a newton meter measure force?

A Newton meter does not measure force! Newton meter measures energy E. A Newton measures force. A Nm (Newton Metre)is also the unit used to measure TORQUE which is the twistin (MORE)

Can convert newton meters to psi?

You cannot convert "Newton meters" to psi.   psi is a pressure and "newton per square meter" is also a pressure that is called pascal (Pa).   Here is a fine pressure con (MORE)

Is a newton meter the same as joule?

No, although a joule equals a newton times a meter, that is not correct. Joules are unites of energy, while newton meters are units of torque. It is dimensionally correct to m (MORE)

Is a newton-meter the same as a newton?

No because a Newton-meter is what measures Newtons. Newton is the name given to a force and a Newton-meter is how you measure the force.   Answer If your spelling of 'met (MORE)

Newton meters to kilometers hour?

  A Newton.meter is a unit of work, it is called the Joule, in the SI system. By kilometres hour I suppose you mean kilometres/hour which is a speed, there is no connectio (MORE)