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What does AM as in morning stand for?

AM is an abbreviation of the Latin ante meridiem. The Latin word meridies means noon or midday. PM is an abbreviation for post meridiem. An easy way to remember the two abbre (MORE)

Top of the morning to you?

It is an old archaic greeting that was supposed to elicit the response "and the balance of the day to you". this phrase is never used in Ireland and seems to be a total Americ (MORE)

Is morning an adjective?

No. It is a noun for a time of day. It can be used as a noun  adjunct with other nouns (morning fog, morning sickness) but it is  not an adjective.
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What to do next?

I met this guy and we exchanged numbers. We texted for like a month  then for around 2 weeks he just stopped replying, but then came  back. He seems like he's interested and (MORE)

If beans with smoked ham hocks were left on the stove to cook during the night but in the morning the pot was cold would the beans and ham hocks still be safe to cook the next day?

  No, probably not. If the pan was properly covered and slowly cooled all night, you will have terrible forms of bacteria growing in and on it (a textbook worst case scen (MORE)