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How do you clean a fountain pen nib?

\nIt is recommended that you flush your fountain pen with cool, clear water on a monthly basis. The easiest way to flush a pen that has a converter or piston is to draw clear (MORE)
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What is a cacao nib?

Cacao nibs are shelled & roasted cacao beans. They have a crunchy texture with a chocolate-y flavour.
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What does NIB stand for?

Answer . If you are referring to the song "N.I.B." by Black Sabbath, I think they called it "Nativity In Black".
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What is NIB in newspapers?

Standard abbreviation for "New in the Box", used in classified ads for electronic equipment, appliances, guns, etc.
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What is a pen nib?

In my primary schoodays we used dip pens . We had a pen with a nib fixed at the end, and we had to dip the nib into an inkwell after writing a few words ... From time to time (MORE)
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What are NIBS on Howrse?

NIBS are non-inbreds. Answer: Some players prefer to breed howrses which are not directly related to one another. The NIB industry is very competitive on Howrse, and there i (MORE)
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Why is a pen nib metal?

If the pen nib is not metal it will be not too smooth to write and can cause complications
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Why is the tip of the nib of pen slit?

The tip of nib of the pen has a slit.Because it gets the ink through slit under the capillarityaction. In this action ink move through the slit onthe nib of the pen. Which ma (MORE)
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Is NIB health insurance affordable?

NIB is an affordable health insurance option for most people. Some people have found the claims process complicated and the coverage insufficient however.