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Who won the Battle of Verdun?

During World War I, Germans attacked the French stronghold of Verdun in February 1916. Verdun was not very important strategically, but it soon became a symbol of France's str (MORE)

Why did the battle of verdun start?

The Battle of Verdun (La Bataille de Verdun) is a very important battle from World War I. Verdun is a small city about 260 kilometres away from Paris. The battle began on Febr (MORE)

What impact did the battle of verdun have in history?

it set back the German troops to wear they started because France killed many of their soldiers and the German soldiers wouldn't even go out of their tents to fight. therefore (MORE)

What were the outcomes of the battle of verdun?

The Battle of Verdun, which occurred in 1916 and lasted almost a  year, was fought between the French and Germans. It was one of the  most important battles of World War I. (MORE)

Why was the battle of Verdun so crucial?

The Battle of Verdun was within 100 miles of Paris so Franco was  not going to let Germany take it. Germany's plan was to wear down  France so that they would eventually pul (MORE)

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