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Did Stevie nicks have children?

No, she never had children..She felt it would not be fair to her children if someone else had to take care of them...and she would not have enough time to devote to them...I t (MORE)

RL is famous childrens author?

Possibly you mean Robert Louis Stevenson, author of 'Treasure Island' and many others.   how about RL Stine - wrote Goosebumps books   Indeed, and there are probably oth (MORE)
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Advantages and disadvantages of butterworth filter?

Advantage is that it has the most flat passband meaning that it is very good at simulating the passband of an ideal filter. The disadvantage is that it has a horrible stopba (MORE)

Using Butterworth Filter in Matlab?

% program to design butterworth low pass filter clc; clear all; close all; alphap=input ('enter the pass band ripple'); alphas=input('enter the stop band ripple'); (MORE)