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What did children do for fun in the 1800's?

Young children played games such as tag, hide and seek, hopscotch, wrestling and foot racing, blind man's bluff and fox and geese. Slightly older children would have played ga (MORE)

What are the top ten children authors?

J.K. Rowling, Dr Seuss, May Gibbs (Snugglepot and Cuddlepie) Lemony Snicket, Emily Rodda, Norman Lindsay (The Magic Pudding), Dorothy Wall (Blinky Bill), Enid Blyton, Keneth G (MORE)

Who were Ulysses S Grant's children?

Ulysses S. Grant had 4 children, three sons and one daughter.    Frederick Dent Grant ( born : May 30, 1850 - d. April 12,  1912)  Ulysses S. "Buck" Grant, Jr, (born: (MORE)

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RL is famous childrens author?

Possibly you mean Robert Louis Stevenson, author of 'Treasure Island' and many others.   how about RL Stine - wrote Goosebumps books   Indeed, and there are probably oth (MORE)

What is the difference between the Butterworth filter and the Chebyshev filter?

The phase linearity of the Butterworth is better than that of the Chebyshev. In other words, the group delay (derivative of phase with respect to frequency) is more constant w (MORE)