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Why are United States coins different sizes?

  For two major reasons. First, when the U.S. started issuing coins in the 1790s, by law a coin had to contain metal whose value was the same as its denomination minus a (MORE)

What is the number of nickel atoms in a nickel coin?

According to the U.S. mint the nickels currently in circulation weigh 5.000 grams and contain 25% Ni (the rest is copper). 25% of 5.000g = 1.250 grams of Ni in a nickel (MORE)

Where are the three coin mints located in the United States?

There are four mints, not three. The following descriptions are general, because sometimes production of a specific type of coin may be shifted from one mint to another. > P (MORE)

What coins have nickel in them?

  All US nickels minted since 1946, all US dimes minted since 1965, all US quarters minted since 1965, all US half dollars minted since 1971, all US dollar coins minted fr (MORE)

What is the value of a 2001 United States gold liberty coin?

You need to know its weight. US gold bullion coins have their weight in ounces on the back, along with an artificial denomination.    In general these retail slightly (MORE)

What is the rarest United States coin?

There are several coins that can arguably be called the rarest : 1913 Liberty Head nickel -- 5 known 1894-S Barber Dime -- 22 known 1853-O Seated Liberty Half (No Arrows (MORE)

Is the US nickel coin made of nickel?

It's actually made of 75% copper, but when it was introduced in  1866 it was one of the first US coins to have a significant amount  of nickel in it. The other was a 3¢ pie (MORE)

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