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Who was Nicolas Copernicus?

Nicolas Copernicus was an astronomer who first gave the theory  (which is now proven) that all planets revolve around the sun,  which is called the heliocentric model of the (MORE)

What jobs did Nicolas Copernicus have to make money?

  Nicholas Copernicus was a Doctor, Lawyer, Author, Judge, and Tax Collector. Those are the jobs that he did to make money...   LOOK AT THIS WEBSITE: http://starchild.g (MORE)

Why did Nicolas Copernicus get into trouble?

Copernicus contended that the Earth and all other objects in our solar system revolved around the sun. Popular knowledge at the time was that the entire universe revolved arou (MORE)

Was Nicolas Copernicus married?

    NICOLAS COPERNICUS         NO     HE     WAS     NOT     MARRIED     AND     DIDN'T     HAVE   (MORE)

Why is Nicolas Copernicus so important?

  Copernicus was the first to argue that the world we live on, the Earth, revolves around the sun, rather than being the center of the universe around which all other cele (MORE)

What are Nicolas Copernicus contributions to physics?

In 1543 Nicolas Copernicus changed the way the universe was viewed.  He published a paper called De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium  (The Revolution of Celestial Spheres). (MORE)

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