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What music artists have diamond albums?

According to the RIAA's certification guidelines, a diamond album is one that has sold over 10 million copies in the U.S. 69 artists have received diamond certification, some (MORE)

How do you manage a music artist?

There's a few options when looking to manage a music act/artist... First, you have to ask yourself what commitment you are willing to make for your artist. generally, if you h (MORE)

Was Nigeria in world war 1?

Yes, Nigeria was in World War 1. They were part of Commonwealth  during the time of World War 1, they mainly fought against the  German colony of Cameroon.
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What rap artists have diamond albums?

Biggie (Life after Death), MC Hammer, and Eminem... that's it. Eminem hasn't had a RIAA certified diamond album. (marshall mathers Lp has definitely sold more than 10 mil b (MORE)

Critically examine the various unethical business practice in nigeria?

  Answer   there are many unethical practised by busineses in an endeavor to maximise their advantages at the expense of others. 1.Bribery this is when palms are gr (MORE)
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What is the terrain of various parts of Nigeria?

  In Nigeria, The Southern lowlands merge into central hills/plateaus. There are mountains in the Southeast and plains in the North.
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Which artist has released most albums?

Guitarist Denis Taaffe has released 147 albums thus far. 41 year old solo electric guitarist Denis Taaffe of Bloomington, IN USA has completed and released 147 full length a (MORE)