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Why nights are long during winter?

In the winter the sun is 'in' the other hemisphere - i.e. it is on the other side of the equator, where it is their summer. This means that the sun is visible for less time th (MORE)

Why did the night of the long knives happen?

Hitler wanted to get rid of potential rivals to his power. The Night of the Long Knives was so that he could eliminate them e.g. Ernest Rohm who was in charge of the SA who we (MORE)

Long steel knives attached to the ends of guns?

This is called a bayonet. They are commonly used in the game call of duty world at war. Iget stabbed alot by them. And they show up as a gun kill....i'm like...he knifed me!!! (MORE)
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How long is a lunar night?

14 days. The lunar cycle from visible full to moon to no visible moon is 28 days. So half that time is day and then night on the moon.

What was the 'night of long knives'?

  The Night of the Long Knives or "Operation Hummingbird" was an operation in which Adolf Hitler ordered the SS (Schutzstaffel, Protective Squadron) and Gestapo (Secret Po (MORE)

How did Hitler get stronger after the night of the long knives?

almost all of his political enemies were wiped out during these nights. the leader of the SA, ernst rohm, was murdered in this time as he had become a threat. this meant that (MORE)

How long is one night on Jupiter?

A complete rotation of Jupiter takes slightly less that 10 hours. A  night on Jupiter would be a little bit less than 5 hours.
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How long is night on jupiter?

It is about 5 hours, on average, during one orbit around the Sun.   That's about half the rotation period of Jupiter.
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