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Could the skunk you caught in a live trap by the pen be killing chickens by getting them at night?

  Yes a skunk will take eggs and kill chickens. Late at night when the chickens roost they are very docile and will allow a predator to come right up to them without much (MORE)

What is pitfall trap?

an unforeseen or unexpected or surprising difficultypit: a trap in the form of a concealed hole (pitfall is over all used for the digged type of hole, intentionally for trappi (MORE)
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What is trapped cbbc?

Trapped! is an adventure show set in a Scary, Gothic , Fairy tale world. In each episode six new contestants (better known as the unfortunates ) imprisoned on the top floor of (MORE)
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What is trapped pressure?

The physical containment of fluids or gases under pressure. This  can include tanks, pipes and hoses.
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What is a trap instruction?

A trap instruction is a software interrupt. It's generated by an error or by a user program when it needs the operating system to perform an operation (a system call).
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What is brine trap?

The brine traps serve a dual purpose they prevent the cold air from reaching the bilges and thus freezing out the water in the pipes and also they prevent the bad odour from t (MORE)

What is a gully trap?

Wastewater from your kitchen and bathroom is piped to a gully trap before emptying into the sewer. A gully trap is a basin in the ground with a water seal to prevent foul odou (MORE)

What is the difference between a bell trap S trap drum trap and a P trap?

Bell traps were normally used in outside catch basins for storm water piping. S traps in most model codes are outlawed because of trap seal losses because they can self siphon (MORE)
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What is wave trap?

A wave trap is an object used in power line communications that is  made up of several resonant circuits. A wave trap protects the  power line from crashing by preventing hi (MORE)

How was Cornwallis trapped?

In 1781, during what turned out to be the decisive (and final)  major battle of the Revolutionary War, Lord Cornwallis and his  large army were trapped at Yorktown through a (MORE)