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What is a nightjar?

Night jars are fairly large medium sized nocturnal birds with shortlegs and bills that nest on the ground. The whippoorwilll, chuck will's widow, and nighthawk are someexample (MORE)
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Is a nightjar considered a mammal?

Answer . No, a nightjar is a type of bird.. The nightjars are; whippoorwill, chuck will's widow, nighthawk, and poorwill. They are the family Caprimulgidae. There are 67 s (MORE)
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How did the nightjar get its name?

The nightjar gets its name mainly from the sounds that the malemakes. These sounds are considered "jarring" due to the 1,900 notesa minute it makes.
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What are nightjars?

Nightjars are a type of bird. Its a nocturnal bird. He eats moths and other flying insects. Little is know about the nightjar because of its nocturnal behavior. They have a th (MORE)
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Where Nightjars live?

Nightjars are said to be found anywhere, but here are some places we are sure they live Africa, Asia etc.
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Is the bird nightjar an endangered bird?

Well, most nightjar species are not endangered. HOWEVER, the Puerto Rican Nightjar was listed as endangered in 1973.
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Why is a nightjar a bird and why is it so special?

The Nightjar family is a bird because its order is theCaprimulgiformes which is part of the Aves class, therefore being abird. Birds are "feathered, winged, bipedal, endotherm (MORE)