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Who had the First nightly news?

\nI guess you could say Edward R Murrow and CBS had it with See It Now in 1950...
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What was a geisha nightly rituals?

If she didn't have lessons or classes earlier in the day a Geisha would usually wake, have a quick dinner, then begin her nightly transformation. She would do her make-up, sel ( Full Answer )
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Average nightly earnings of strippers?

Depending on how far the deal is going... At average they can make up to 50$ a night although this is pretty rare.
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Why does the moon change on a nightly bases?

Well, when you get to high school or middle school ( depending on where you go to school) you find out that there are different phases of the moon ranging from full to first q ( Full Answer )
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What are the nightly rates for Madeira Hotels?

The nightly rates for Madeira Hotels depends on the specific hotel you are looking to stay. Their hotels have different locations and ratings but from my research I have found ( Full Answer )
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What are the nightly rates for quality suites?

"It depends on which hotel you want to stay at. Generally, the nightly rates for a quality suite can start around $50 for a cheaper hotel like Comfort Inn, up to over $100 or ( Full Answer )
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What is a nightly double?

A nightly double is a hang out spot. Back then was known as the greasers hang out.
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Is it safe to use NyQuil nightly?

its only safe if you have drink 2 glasses of wine mixed with squirrel pee and colored your belly button with a red pen
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What is the nightly rate at a Chester Hotel?

In Chester Virginia, one can expect to spend from $51.00 to $123.00 per night. The least expensive is the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel starting at $51.00 per night to Homewoo ( Full Answer )
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Is nightly an adverb or adjective?

The word nightly can be used as an adjective or an adverb. It means occurring each night. Examples: his nightly walk, the nightly news (adjective) he visits her nightly ( Full Answer )