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Who started nihilism?

The term nihilism and its philosophical development are attributed  to Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi, a German philosopher. Nihilism is the  total negation of established laws o (MORE)
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What is the meaning of Nihil Obstat?

nihil obstat Definition   nihil ob·stat (nē′hil ō̂b′stät)   noun   # R.C.Ch. a printed phrase, followed by the name of an officially appointed censor, indi (MORE)

How do you use 'nihilism' in a sentence?

Those who see nihilism as the way to solve the world's problems tend to come up with individualistic solutions and to avoid traditions and established chains of command..
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What does Sine Labore Nihil mean?

Sine Labore Nihil was an old saying of the Roman empire. It literally means, "Without Labor Nothing." However, the true ideal it represents is "nothing comes without work." It (MORE)
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What is the way out of nihilism?

The way out of nihilism would involve defining yourself and what you do. To escape nihilism, you would need honest faith in "the greater good", or to believe in reality as mor (MORE)

How does atheism lead to nihilism?

It doesn't. Many atheists embrace life even more because they understand that after this life, we don't get another chance at an afterlife. They choose to understand the vastn (MORE)

What does 'Nihil aliud in nobis' mean?

We need more context, but this is what it could mean in certain contexts: "(There is) nothing else in us." No matching link found. No matching link found. No matching link (MORE)