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Where can you get Nikes?

You can get them at Foot Locker or Champs. You can also get them online. Hope I helped (i just got Nike Greco Hi-Tops yesterday)

The Newest Nike Trainer by Nike?

you can ask some custom servicers of some shop . there is a website selling Nike Trainer . nike air max http://www. (MORE)

What are Nike?

They are a type of shoe, mostly owned by "Gangster" clique. these shoes can be very expensive somtimes..i just ordered some they were 120$$

Where can you get Nike?

There are many official Nike store locations throughout the US.Typically, these are nestled in larger cities, such as Seattle, WAand Portland, OR. You can simply research a pl (MORE)

Is Nike 2 Nike authentic?

Well it is a wholesale company from China, none of the shoes would be from the official Nike factory, especially because the shoes are around $50 US for $160 US Nikes, is anot (MORE)

Why is Nike named Nike?

a guy named phiddipidies ran from Athens to sprta to marathon toathens and at Athens he yelled nike meaning we won since Athens wom the war in marothon and that is why its cal (MORE)

What does Nike stand for in Nike missiles?

The word Nike is a ancient Greek word normally meant in modern times "victory". Nike was the goddess of victory, usually represented as a winged figure carrying a wreath and p (MORE)