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Is Nike 2 Nike authentic?

Well it is a wholesale company from China, none of the shoes would be from the official Nike factory, especially because the shoes are around $50 US for $160 US Nikes, is anot (MORE)

What is Fullform of Nike?

"nike" is not an acronym or abreviation....NIKE is a greek word that refers to the Godess of victory. full form is now i know everything
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What does Nike stand for in Nike missiles?

The word Nike is a ancient Greek word normally meant in modern times "victory". Nike was the goddess of victory, usually represented as a winged figure carrying a wreath and p (MORE)

What does Nike make?

They make sports equipment. They're mostly known for their shoes. They also make basketballs, baseball bats, cleats.
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Where are Nike factories at?

There is the main headquarters at Beaverton in the state of Oregon, USA. There are: 124 factories in China 73 factories in Thailand 35 factories in South Korea 34 factories in (MORE)

Who founded Nike?

Nike was the brain child of Bill Bowerman, long time coach of the University of Oregon, and Phil Knight, one of Bowerman's athletes and graduate of UO. The company was or (MORE)

How do you pronounce Nike?

The shoe company or the 1950's missile were both named for the Greek Goddess "NIGH-key". (see related video link)
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What are the problem of Nike?

Nike has been using sweat shops in poorer countries too make there clothes cheaply. They have been accused of badly treating their employees and paying them very little money (MORE)

The Newest Nike Trainer by Nike?

you can ask some custom servicers of some shop . there is a website selling Nike Trainer . nike air max http://www.a (MORE)