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Is the probability 1.2 nil possible?

Probabilities go from 0 to 1. This is a steady increase with 0.5 meaning 50% of "equally likely to happen as not." 0 probability means that it is impossible something will hap (MORE)

What has nil calories?

Water, black coffee, and technically, celery ( the calories to digest it require more than it contains). Of course, there is also diet soda, but that has no dietary or nutriti (MORE)
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Who is nils verkooijen?

he is a dutch acteur best known for playing joep in the movie achste groepers huilen niet and for playing thomas in briefgeheim
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What is the meaning of the word nil?

The definition of the word nil is nothing or worthless. In a sentence it is used like this: His bank account is worth nil. It just means his account is worthless.
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Who is Nils Wallerius?

Nils Wallerius was a Swedish physicist, philosopher and theologian.He is credited as being one of the first scientists to study anddocument the characteristics of evaporation (MORE)

What is Nil value?

Several programming languages use a pointer value of Nil toindicate that the pointer does not point to anything . While the internal coding for Nil is usually not relevant to (MORE)