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What does nimble mean?

Nimble is an adjective meaning quick and dexterous, deft, agile, or adroit, as a nimble athlete or the nimble hands of a seamstress. It is extended metaphorically to mental (MORE)

What rhymes with nimble?

2 syllables: cymbal, gimbel, kimball, kimbel, kimble, symbol, thimble, trimble 3 syllables: stock symbol 4 syllables: graphic symbol, printed symbol, written symbol 5 (MORE)
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What is nimble-pinioned?

The entire sentence in romeo and Juliet translated into modern English is this: That's the way doves carry Venus so fast
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What is the adverb for nimble?

The word nimble is an adjective. the adverb form is nimbly  (in a nimble or agile manner).
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What is sentence for nimble?

Autumn was very nimble as she skipped from stone to stone across  the stream without slipping once.
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