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What does nimble needle mean?

These words taken at their face value represent the expertise of people with sewing abilities. People whose abilities are light and active in motion, who can move with ease, w (MORE)
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What does nimble mean?

Nimble is an adjective meaning quick and dexterous, deft, agile, or adroit, as a nimble athlete or the nimble hands of a seamstress. It is extended metaphorically to menta (MORE)

What rhymes with nimble?

2 syllables : cymbal, gimbel, kimball, kimbel, kimble, symbol, thimble, trimble 3 syllables : stock symbol 4 syllables : graphic symbol, printed symbol, written sy (MORE)
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What is nimble-pinioned?

The entire sentence in romeo and Juliet translated into modern English is this: That's the way doves carry Venus so fast
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How do you play nimble fingers?

Nimble Fingers is a program that help you practice your typing skills. You type the letters, numbers etc, that you see on the blue strip. If you get one wrong, do not hit bac (MORE)