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Did santa maria crash?

Yes the Santa Maria did crash on the way back from Christopher Columbus's first expedition to the Caribbean islands or as he believed India. When the ship crashed he captained (MORE)

Did the mayflower sail with the pinta Nina and santa maria?

  No. The Mayflower was the ship that brought the Puritans (pilgrims) to the new world where they could escape the tyranny of the King of England (James 1) and the Angli (MORE)

Who sailed on the santa maria ship?

The Santa Maria CrewChristopher Columbus ::: captain-generalJuan de gradua ::: of Santona, master, and owner of the vessel:::Sancho Ruiz ::: pilotMaestre Alonso ::: of Moguer, (MORE)

Who is Santa Maria to Catholics?

Santa Maria is both the Spanish and Italian for "Saint Mary", or "Holy Mary". Holy Mary is the title reserved for Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. It is a typically Catholic (MORE)

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