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Who does Nina like?

At the beginning of the manga Nina doesn't like anyone. Then she falls in love with Kaji. After, she realizes she can't have him and remains a loyal friend to Ayu hooks them u (MORE)

Is Nina dobrev Canadian?

She is actually Bulgarian, as she was born there. She may have a  Canadian citizenship, but she isn't Canadian.
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What movies did Nina dobrev star in?

Repo! The Genetic Opera Teenage Zytrate Addict Away from Her Playing House The Poet Fugitive Pieces My Daughter's Secret Too Young to Marry Mookies Law The A (MORE)
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Jin will get with Julia or Nina?

ofcourse Nina --------------------------------- If you like the idea of Jin marrying either Julia or Nina, then I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but there is no way he's getting (MORE)

When did Nina Dobrev start acting?

She began taking formal classes in 9th grade when she attended a preforming arts high school, but she had been involved with her middle school drama department and began prefo (MORE)

Is Nina a nickname for Nina Dobrev?

Yes it is. Nina Dobrev's real name is Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva. It is shorted to Nima Dobrev. I'm guessing because the name is too long and hard to pronounce.  
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What is Nina dobrev's favorite music?

she said she likes kings of leon and the black eyed peas awhile back but she recently said she relly likes Adele.
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