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What is one third of ninety three?

93/3 = 31 We can check the answer by doing 3*31 or 93/31, try them. Thirty one is one third of ninety three. Thirty one is one third of ninety three Read more: http://w (MORE)

How long is Ninety Mile Beach?

There are two beaches that use that name. The Australian beach meets the actual criteria with a length of 94 miles. New Zealand's 90 Mile Beach comes up short with a length (MORE)

What rhymes with ninety?

There is no true perfect rhyme for ninety. You just have to go with the closest fix. Here are some suggestions: piety, mighty, entirety, sobriety Words that rhyme with ninet (MORE)

What is the best truck transmission of the nineties?

It's got to go to Ford. The Ford F-250 and F-350 had a 5-speed manual transmission, and it was tough as h*ll! You can find those transmissions in the 7.3L Powerstroke Turbo Di (MORE)
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Why is Ninety mile beach called Ninety Mile Beach?

Well, their was this family that lived there many years ago, they were called the Mile Family. Mother Mile and Father Mile had ninety children. The Mile Family lived across th (MORE)