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Where is Nineveh?

  Nineveh, capital city of the Assyrian empire, is located in the modern city of Mosul, Iraq. Occupied first in the 7th millennium BC, it became important to Mesopotamia (MORE)
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What river is nineveh located on?

Ancient Nineveh was located at the joining of the Tigris and Khosr  rivers and was contained within 1,900 acres of land. It was the  former capital of the former Neo-Assyria (MORE)
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Is Nineveh in Egypt?

No. Nineveh was an ancient city in Assyria, Mesopotamia, which is just across the Tigris River from what is now Mosul, Iraq. Nineveh was governed by Tushratta in 14th centur (MORE)

How did Jonah get to Nineveh?

In Jonah 2:10 the fish spit up Jonah on the beach. In Jonah 3:1-4 the Lord told Jonah again to go to the city of Nineveh and he reached the city this time. It's not written ho (MORE)
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Is Nineveh close to Israel?

Nineveh today is in Iraq, so it means yes. It would be roughly two hours flight east northeast of Israel if such a flight were possible.
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What god did the people of Nineveh worship?

The very early times around 3000 B.C., the people of Nineveh worshipped the god of Ishtar. In the Bible, the city of Nineveh is first mentioned in the book of Genesis.
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What were the sins of the city of Nineveh?

See Nahum ch.3: violence, many killings, harlotry and sorcery arelisted as sins of Nineveh. In the Assyrian inscriptions of Nineveh,repeated mention is made of how they would (MORE)
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What empires were nineveh and Babylon associated?

 After the death of King Assurbanipal in 631 BCE, the Assyrian  empire became unquiet, and the Babylonians seized their  independence. It became a city in the Babylonian E (MORE)