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What does FOB Ningbo mean?

According to international shipping terminology, FOB means theseller pays for transport of the goods to the city named. Ningbo isa port in the People's Republic of China, so t (MORE)

Why is Ningbo the must-go place when traveling in China?

On one hand, Ningbohas almost all the Chinese elements that can stand for China'straditional cultural characteristics: a long and storied history(e.g. Hemudu Site), profound h (MORE)

Why is Ningbo the best window to know China?

Ningbo has so profound humanistic accumulation and a long, storiedhistory that in 1986, Ningbo found its name in the list of NationalFamous Historical and Cultural Cities issu (MORE)
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Why is Ningbo the most beautiful city in China?

Ningbo is the most beautiful city in China. It'sprosperous while it is away from the hustle and bustle of the cityso people here will have this unique feeling for the coexiste (MORE)