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Are white nits dead or alive?

White nits are dead because if they were light brown or dark brown then that would mean that they are alive but not yet hatched
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What is a nit?

A small creature that lives in your hair and peirces your head with its teeth and drinks your blood, when you feel a nit biting, it makes you itch and they are seriously irrit (MORE)

What is rank of nit agartala?

Yes, Nit Agartala is one of the Nit's situated in northeastern part of India, in Tripura. Though it is a new NIT(but is a old college), previously had a lot of infrastructural (MORE)

Can nits make your head itch?

Yes they make your head itch. Go to the drugstore and purchase lice shampoo. Ask an employee for help choosing a shampoo if you need to.
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Do nits have brains?

The head louse is an insect, and insects have a somewhat more  complicated arrangement than vertebrates when it comes to  neurological features such as a 'brain'. Your centr (MORE)
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How do you get ride of nits and lice?

Go to the drug store and buy the kit with a special shampoo. Make sure you also wash bedding and hair supplies. You can also purchase a special head lice comb which is compact (MORE)