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What is nits?

Nits are the egg stage of lice. They attach to the hair and feel bumpy. Lice treatments will destroy the eggs. Follow manufacturer's directions...and quickly!
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What is a nit?

A small creature that lives in your hair and peirces your head with its teeth and drinks your blood, when you feel a nit biting, it makes you itch and they are seriously irrit (MORE)

Do nits bite?

I had lice when I was like 8 and I know quite a lot about them. I kinda found it interesting that bugs were living on my head. Anyway, yes they do bite they eat your scalp. th (MORE)

Is nit silchar a good nit?

In north-east after IIT GUWAHATI , NIT SILCHAR offering best technical education but if you want to go out of assam state . then you have many good choices in T-school . Other (MORE)

Do hamsters get nits?

Like all animals (furry ones anyway!), they can get fleas. Only humans get nits/head lice.
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Do nit combs get rid of nits?

No, the combs remove the adult head lice but not the "nits" whichare their eggs, which they stick to the base of the hairs. So if you have nits, coming out the adult lice will (MORE)