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What compounds plasticize nitrocellulose?

If the application is pyrotechnical, especially rocket propellant, energetic plasticizers are preferred. Nitroglycerin is probably the most widely used and effective energetic (MORE)

What is the difference between alkyd lacquer and nitrocellulose lacquer?

it depends about the project or application you require as nc or nitrocellulose is very fast drying and higher prices with slightly better look alkyd i prefer as it take (MORE)
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What is nitrocellulose cotton?

Nitrocellulose is an organic compound that is highly flammable. It was originally made by soaking cotton in nitric acid. It can be used as a low order explosive or propellant (MORE)

What is the difference between nylon membrane and nitrocellulose membrane?

Nylon membranes are less brittle and easier to handle than nitrocellulose, making them ideal for reprobing. They also respond more robustly to various environmental storage co (MORE)