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What is nitroglycerin made of?

Answer . A thick, pale yellow liquid, C3H5N3O9, that is explosive on concussion or exposure to sudden heat. It is used in the production of dynamite and blasting gelatin and (MORE)

What is nitroglycerin?

Nitroglycerin (C 3 H 5 N 3 O 9 ) is a yellow liquid that's explosive near sudden heat. It's used to produce dynamite and as a medicine vasodilator.

Why does nitroglycerin explode?

Glycerol, the base molecule of nitroglycerin, in and of itself is a pretty stable molecule, but when nitrated the stable hydroxyl endings of the glycerol turn into nitroxide e (MORE)

Who invented nitroglycerine?

Nitroglycerine/nitroglycerin was invented in 1847 by chemist Ascanio Sobrero, who was working under TJ Pelouze at the University of Turin. He called it pyroglycerine (possibly (MORE)

How do you use nitroglycerin?

Nitroglycerin was once used as an explosive. It was so unstable, and sensitive to heat and shock, that its use as a pure material for blasting was eliminated in the 19th centu (MORE)

Can nitroglycerin kill you?

Too much of it can, yes. It is a vasodialator - meaning it makes your blood vessels expand. If all of your blood vessels expand completely (mind you, they are always constrict (MORE)
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Who inveted nitroglycerine?

Ascanio Sobrero first synthesized it but was unaware of its explosive potential until it destroyed is laboratory.

Is nitroglycerin poisonous?

Too much of anything--even water--can be poisonous. People havedied from drinking too much, its called water intoxication. Nitroglycerin, used in VERY small amount, can be a (MORE)