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What is faulting?

when a fault is faulting it means it is getting active. Then for making an earthquake and moving of the plates which could cause a volcanic eruption.

How do you get no fault divorce?

  I called a local Justice of the Peace who gave me a name of someone that types up divorce documents for a small fee. She also had a "pauper's" form that I filled in with (MORE)

How can you get divorce?

You would file a suit for divorce the court of appropriate jurisdiction and ask the court to equitably divide assets and debts, make custody and child support decisions, and d (MORE)

Can a spouse challenge no fault divorce papers?

  When no-fault was designed by the 'select few' who were members of the NCCUSL, the law was pitched as a mutual consent process. However, behind the scenes it was silentl (MORE)
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What are the faults?

There are 3 main types of faults 1. Normal 2. Strike slip 3. Reverse(Thrust) In a normal fault the foot wall stays in place while the hanging wall moves DOWNWARDS In a strike (MORE)

Which states are no fault divorce states?

There are 41 states that have no-fault divorce in place. Fifteen of  these states require a certain period of separation before granting  the divorce. These states include W (MORE)

Who is at fault in Jon and Kate's divorce?

Opinions from various Wikianswerers   During the "big announcement episode, Kate told viewers how she sobs hard and how she tries to hide it all so the kids wouldn't be up (MORE)

Why do some kids think that their parents divorce is their fault?

A couple things cause this, young children are egocentric, they believe the world revolves around them so when something happens, good or bad it must result from something the (MORE)

Where can one obtain a no fault divorce in Reno Nevada?

Nevada is a no-fault divorce state. To obtain a divorce in Nevada, one of the spouses must have lived in the state for at least six weeks. You can find do-it-yourself divorc (MORE)