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Can there be a walk in a no hitter?

Yes. A no hitter, by definition, is a pitched game where no opposing player reaches base by means of a base hit.   A walk will break up a perfect game. A perfect game is a (MORE)

What is a hitters count?

A "hitter's count" is a baseball term that means the batter has more balls than strikes in the current at bat. A count of 2 balls and 0 strikes or 3 balls and 1 strike or 3 ba (MORE)

How do you slide in pinch hitter 3?

You don't actually make yourself slide it does it by itself. You have to click your mouse every second and your speed goes up, you have to get there before it is out. That par (MORE)

What does a no hitter mean in baseball?

A no-hitter means when the pitcher throws the ball and the batter doesn't hit it ALL 3 times.which owuld make the hitter's team have an out. --Edits: A no-hitter in baseball (MORE)

What is a Pipe Hitter?

"Pipe Hitter" is military slang that originally referred to someone in the Special Forces but has come to mean anyone who will go to the extreme to accomplish an impossible mi (MORE)

What is a no-hitter?

Answer . Just what it sounds like. None of the opposing players got a hit. Unlike a perfect game, there can be walks or hit batters..

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Why are left-handed hitters good low ball hitters?

I don't have the answer, but I know that it is a natural thing and  not something that is the result of being pitched low and inside a  lot, like some people think. Being a (MORE)