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When is the last episode of house of Anubis?

The show will be ending February 19th 2011. Considering House of Anubis is a remake of Het Huis Anubis sadly do to their budget they only made two seasons, and sadly Nick is o (MORE)

What was the last episode of full house?

It was a two part episode when Michelle entered a horse riding competion but later on decided not to and went off riding with another girl. Michelle fell off her horse and got (MORE)

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What happens on the last episode of house of Anubis?

For those of you who would like to know the ending of "House Of Anubis" Please Keep Reading.... Unless You Don't Want To Spoil The Ending..... Ok Well First Off Let's Start (MORE)

How many episodes of house are there?

There were 177 episodes of the television show House across eight  seasons. Season four had only 16 episodes but the other seasons  ranged from 22 to 24 episodes per season. (MORE)