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What is noble?

Noble is word that is used to describe individuals of a high socialor political status, particularly aristocratic individuals. Theword is sometime also used to describe people (MORE)

What is a noble?

A noble was part of the feudal system in Europe. The Feudal system was a type of governemnt formed in a hierartrical system. For example, those in the highest rank such as the (MORE)

What are nobles?

Answer In medieval society, a Noble was a person who had peasants sworn into their (or their families) fealty, and (usually) lived off of the goods produced by these peasant (MORE)

Are noble gases noble?

Because they has a very low chemical reactivity. All the Elements in group 0 (right most column) in the periodic table are noble gases. They are: . Helium . Neon . Argon . (MORE)

Why are the noble gases called noble?

Noble gases have completely filled orbitals / energy levels. They generally have 8 valence electrons (helium has only 2) and have stable electronic configuration. Hence they a (MORE)

What did a noble do?

Often served as leadership in the military. Investing, banking, real estate, business in general. The ruling class. If you meant "on a daily basis," then they did next to n (MORE)
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The nobles did what?

they protected the manors when they were being attacked. They also made laws and discussed the strategies of war with the king in the great hall. After that they would inform (MORE)

Why are noble gase noble?

Because they have the outer electron shell full, with 8 electrons; this structure lead to a very low chemical reactivity.

Why is noble gases named noble?

Because they're located on the very right of the periodic table, meaning that they have full outer shells. What atoms "want" in a reaction is to have full outer shells, so nob (MORE)

Who were the nobles?

Nobles were a class of people just below that of royalty. Often,they had royal blood flowing in their veins, but were not fortunateenough to be king or queen. In England, for (MORE)