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The noble gas in period 2?

Neon, it is in Period 2, and Group 18. Groups are the columns and Periods are the rows in the Periodic Table.
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Is uranium a noble gas?

No. Uranium is a metal. No, Uranium is not a noble gas. it is an inner transition element. It belongs to the 7th period, group 3(III B) of the periodic table. It is present (MORE)

Is bromine considered a noble gas?

No, for two reasons: It is no gas at STP, but fluid (melting point is −7.2 °C and boiling point 58.8 °C)It certainly is NOT noble, on the contrary: very aggressive (Bro (MORE)

Is a noble gas an unreactive gas?

Yes, they are. The noble gases (group 18) on the periodic table of elements are unreactive because they have 8 electrons on their outer shell (valence electrons) and therefore (MORE)

What is a noble gas?

Any of the elements in Group O of the periodic table, including helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon, which are monatomic and with limited exceptions chemically ine (MORE)

A noble gas has?

A noble gas has a complete outer shell. All of the noble gases have eight valence electrons except for helium, which has two.
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