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What is a pure obligation?

  a pure obligation is one which is not subject to any conditions and no specific date is mentioned for its fulfillment and is, therefore, immediately demandable. exampl (MORE)

What does oblige mean?

Something you do that makes a person feel thankful to you, as in, "I am much obliged to you for helping me out." Also, to force or compel someone into doing something for yo (MORE)

What is a sentence for obliged?

1. The girl was obliged to read her book over the weekend. 2. The boy was obliged to finish his homework before he played. 3. He was obliged to the fishermen for saving him (MORE)

Obligations of parents?

Parents have many obligations toward their children. Parents should  keep kids safe from harm, and provide them with food and shelter.  Parents should also nurture kid's dev (MORE)
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What is Obligate Mutualism?

the condition  in which one or both species in a mutualistic association are  completely dependent on the presence of the other species. 
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What obligations did serfs have?

Serfs were 'bound to the estate'. They were obliged to live and  work only on the lord's estate and had to pay rent for the land of  the lord that they used for themselves. (MORE)