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How many kilowatthours are produced by 1 ton bituminous coal?

Coal has an energy value of 24 Megajoules/kg, which is the same as 6.67 kwh/kg. However a coal fired power plant will only have an efficiency of about 30 per cent so this redu (MORE)
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What handicrafts produce in region 1?

Region 1 in the Philippines is the Ilocos region. The handicrafts  produced there are pottery, processed drinks and meats, woven  clothing, mangoes, garlic, tobacco, cement, (MORE)

Does type 1 diabetes produce insulin?

No, people who have type 1 diabetes (like me myself) do not produce insulin. Yet their may still produce insulin but too little to be enough to not take it. As you get more ex (MORE)
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How many cells are produced after 1 cell division?

There are two types of cell division: Meiotic and Mitotic. In Mitosis, one daughter cell will result-- leaving two genetically identical cells. In Meiosis, four haploid ( (MORE)

Can 1 bumblebee produce honey?

First, they don't make whats exactly called honey. What they have  is nectar stores for food, which are needed for a short period of  time, and in comparison with honey bees (MORE)