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Why are men cowards?

  sometimes they second-guess themselves and end up not doing it. They might think it's not enough to risk their life for it. Or maybe its because they really don't have t (MORE)

Was charlie a coward?

If you mean Charlie Peaceful from the book Private Peaceful then no, Charlie definitely wasnt a coward. We know this because when he got strapped to the large wheel (Field Pun (MORE)

What are the lyrics to the noel coward song Poor Uncle Harry?

UNCLE HARRY    We all of us have relations,    Our crosses in life we bear,    A gloomy group of uncles, cousins and aunts.    We meet them in railway stat (MORE)
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Is coward a verb?

No, coward is a noun; but cowered, which sounds the same, is a verb, the past tense of cower. 1. A coward is a fearful or timid person lacking courage. (See: The link listed (MORE)

What is the theme of the poem lie in the dark and listen by noel coward?

The poem is a touching tribute to the crew of Bomber Command in the  Second World War. Coward writes eloquently and movingly about the  crew and their childhood, whilst on t (MORE)

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