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Why did Noggin and The N change to Nick Jr and Teen Nick?

Noggin and The N used to be on the same channel, when Noggin was  for young children and The N was for teenagers and adults, until  they split from each other and became the (MORE)

How many noggins are there in a pint?

A noggin is a gill. There are 4 gills in a pint. Therefore there are 4 noggins in a pint.
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Where can i find the lyrics to the 'Quack Quack Waddle Waddle' song that they sing on 'Noggin'?

I once knew a duck was a pretty good guy, But he really couldn't walk and he really couldn't fly. He really couldn't talk and he really couldn't sing He really couldn't do muc (MORE)

What is a noggin in carpentry?

For instance when you get a set of plans and it says where every radiator is to you have to fit a noggin between the panels for the radiator to get fixed to. A noggin is a ho (MORE)
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Who was noggin host or mascot before Moose A Moose?

I am not entirely sure, but as far as I have read up on this subject, I believe people are agreeing on the name of "Noggin Feetface" because that was his favorite word [and th (MORE)
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What is noggin as in building?

A noggin is a piece of horizontal timber, although it usually refers to the top piece of a frame that forms a panel.