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What is a noggin?

A noggin is either a head, a small mug, or a liquid measure equalto a gill.
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Who made 'noggin' the preschoolers show?

not nogginbrain the t.v character a old woman at 83 who is philipeno and is called nogginliaono pronounced nogginleearno wanted a programme that would make children under 4 (MORE)

How many noggins are there in a pint?

A noggin is a gill. There are 4 gills in a pint. Therefore there are 4 noggins in a pint.
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What is noggin as in building?

A noggin is a piece of horizontal timber, although it usually refers to the top piece of a frame that forms a panel.

What is a noggin in carpentry?

For instance when you get a set of plans and it says where every radiator is to you have to fit a noggin between the panels for the radiator to get fixed to. A noggin is a (MORE)
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What size are noggins?

calculate in meters wood that will be needed for roof of a building with size 14.125m x 3.630.
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Is noggin a noun?

Yes, noggin is a singular, common, concrete noun, a word for a thing; a container for beverage, a measure of liquid, or a slang word for a person's head.
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How do you get your noggin to work?

Well first you are going to want to go to either Burger King or Taco bell. Then you will ask the cashier to lick your genitalia. After he or she does this you will walk outsid (MORE)