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What is white noise?

Answer . White noise is random sound that contains an equal amount of all the frequency components across the spectrum one is testing. It sounds sorta like the hiss one hea ( Full Answer )
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How do you hear noises?

When something makes a noise, it sends vibrations, or sound waves, through the air. The human eardrum is a stretched membrane, like the skin of a drum. When the sound waves ( Full Answer )
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What is noise?

The simplest definition is any sound that is unwanted. 'Noise' whenreferring to any waveform or signal, is interference from otheroutside sources that contaminates the origina ( Full Answer )
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What is port noise?

Port noise is when air gets into and moves through a port on aspeaker in a car. Port noise happens more often with Subwoofersbecause they have more airflow than a regular spea ( Full Answer )
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Why noise said to additive noise?

This additive noise come from varies factors , one of the main factor is Temperature.Why this noise said to additive in the sense this noise only adding the signal not integra ( Full Answer )
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What is equipment noise?

Electronic devices often emit a high pitched low volume squeel. This is often the result of transformers or capacitors as current passes through them. Alternatively, this may ( Full Answer )
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What is noise filter?

noise filters are used in electronics and electric curcuts to reduce the the noise level which the electric switching generats sometimes the are single phase and there are thr ( Full Answer )
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What noise annoys a noise oyster?

The phrase, "A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster" should be credited to Dr Seuss, the famous expert on rhymes, who wrote the first Gerald McBoing Boing cartoon in the 50s. In the e ( Full Answer )
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How do you get noise?

the vibration of whatever is making noise. then the wave travels to your ear drum and vibrates it.
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What is noise-?

The official definition of the word noise is "a sound, especiallyone that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance."