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Are geese noisy?

yes they are very noisy. ------------------------------------------------ They are only noise prior to the nesting period and during the fall migration. Priior to he nes (MORE)
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Is noisy an adjective?

Yes, the word 'noisy' is an adjective, referring to making a lot of noise. For example: "He was a very noisy child." However, if you use the word 'noisily' it becomes an adver (MORE)
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Is an MRI noisy?

  Answer   To anyone who has had an MRI of the brain -- especially a CLOSED one  (as opposed to the now ubiquitous open MRIs) -- the second worst thing  (for most (MORE)
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What is the noun for noisy?

The word noisy is the adjective form of the noun  noise.    The noun form for the adjective noisy is  noisiness.
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Are budgies noisy?

  Males generally sing more than females......but either they will make their presence known! If you have two birds they are generally noisier than one...but really it all (MORE)

Was Concorde noisy?

Very like every other plane. but Concorde was different in the air, as it went twice the speed of sound a sonic boom would shatter the ground.
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Why the birds are noisy?

Most bird songs and calls are identifying their territory (i.e. if  you can hear me you are too close) and may indicate imminent attack  if you do not leave. Others are used (MORE)