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Is an MRI noisy?

Answer . To anyone who has had an MRI of the brain -- especially a CLOSED one(as opposed to the now ubiquitous open MRIs) -- the second worst thing(for most people claustr (MORE)

Are budgies noisy?

Males generally sing more than females......but either they will make their presence known! If you have two birds they are generally noisier than one...but really it all depen (MORE)

How noisy was Concorde?

The Concorde was not as loud as many people think it was, becausethere was insulation that helped with the noise reduction in thecabin of the aircraft.
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Are geese noisy?

yes they are very noisy. ------------------------------------------------ They are only noise prior to the nesting period and during the fall migration. Priior to he n (MORE)
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What is the similie for noisy?

The rowdy teens were as noisy as a marching band passing by. The gunshots were as noisy as fireworks in July.
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Are cockatoos noisy?

Yes. Cockatoos of most species are particularly noisy birds, withraucous calls. As they tend to flock together, their collectivenoise can be very loud indeed.
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Are Pugs noisy?

Yes. I have a pug and she whines and barks. They like to snore real loud.They dont shut up. They are very cute and fun though.