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Did Nolan Ryan go to College?

Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, Nolan Ryan, attended Alvin Community  College for one year. The college is located in Alvin, Texas. Ryan  made his MLB debut in 1966 for the N (MORE)

What are the dates of nolan ryans no hitters?

1) May 15, 1973 - California Angels 3, Kansas City Royals 0 2) July 15, 1973 - California Angels 6, Detroit Tigers 0 3) September 28, 1974 - California Angels 4, Minnesota (MORE)

How old was Nolan Ryan when he retired as player?

46 years old ... Ryan was born January 31, 1947 and pitched his final MLB game on September 22, 1993.
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Is nolan Ryan still alive?

Yes, he is the current president and part of the ownership team of the Texas Rangers.
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Was nolan Ryan a knuckleball pitcher?

No, mainly known for his blazing fastball that lasted over many years, Nolan mainly threw fastball, changeups and curves.
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What pitches did Nolan Ryan throw?

  Answer   Nolan Ryan threw three pitches: A fastball, a curveball, and later in his career, a change-up
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Nolan Ryan card?

You need to be more specific. Is it autographed? Rookie? Jersey Card? Autographed- maybe $200 Rookie- 40-45 Jersey- $76
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