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What is the Dualism in Indian Economy?

Dualism is economic and social divisions of an economy. The social  dualism in India is the coexistence of advanced science,  superstitions and the cost system. Technical du (MORE)

What is a non prose?

Non prose is anything that does not tell a story of some kind. Therefore, it could include (but is not limited to) an essay (or any piece of writing that is informative) or a (MORE)

What is non luminous?

non-luminous is those objects which do not produce its own light.It provide the light which is reflecting from another e.g.moon did not produce its own light,sun is giving the (MORE)

What is a non-maskable?

A non-maskable interrupt is an interrupt that cannot be blocked, or masked, by the processor. In the 8085, TRAP is such an interrupt. If TRAP goes high and stays high, an inte (MORE)

What is non-rationalism?

In philosophy, non-rationalism is the rejection of the idea of rationality as a means of knowledge. Rationality means to discover something using logic, math, or empirical pro (MORE)
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What are non minerals?

Non minerals are substances which do not fulfill all of the following 4 requirements to be a mineral. If it fulfills 3 of the requirements or 2 or only 1 or none of the requir (MORE)

What is non-exempt?

USUALLY the phrase means job descriptions which are not exempt from the overtime rules of federal wage law, and must be paid according to those laws. In government employment, (MORE)