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What are synonyms for nonchalant?

airy, aloof, apathetic, calm, careless, casual, collected, composed, cool, detached, disimpassioned, disinterested, dispassionate, easy, effortless, happy, impassive, impertur (MORE)

What is the word origin for nonchalant?

It stems from Old French, with the negative prefix non- plus chalant , the present participle of the verb chaloir , which means warmth, or "to be concerned". Chaloir in (MORE)

What rhymes with nonchalant?

1 syllable : font, pont, want (one pronunciation) 2 syllables : croissant, detente, enfant, savant, Vermont 3 syllables : commandant, nonchalant

How do you define nonchalant?

The official definition of the word nonchalant is "(of a person ormanner) feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; notdisplaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm."