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What is the meaning of noninvasive?

Noninvasive means not invasive. It means you don't get anything invading you or whatever is being looked at. For instance, a sonogram (the so-called ultrasound) is a noninvasi ( Full Answer )
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I am looking for trees with a noninvasive root system to put near pavers?

Trees all have root systems that are invasive to a degree: some are worse than others. notoriously bad are cherry and willow - both have roots taht are quite close to surface ( Full Answer )
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Are Home inspection is suppose to be visual and invasive or noninvasive?

Home inspections are always noninvasive. The reason is that the home inspection is typically done for the benefit of the buyer, and they don't own the home... Yet. Obviously o ( Full Answer )
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What is involved in a noninvasive stimulator?

In the noninvasive stimulator, external electromagnetic coils are placed on either side of the fracture and are held in place by a strap or cuff.
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What is a noninvasive question?

Usually open-ended questions, questions which are not leading, pushy or dealing with personal topics, tend to be noninvasive. How are you? How have you been?
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What is a noninvasive interventions?

With reference to the human body, noninvasive intervention means to remedy an illness or ailment without physically touching the body. Therefore an example would be that medic ( Full Answer )