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What is nonlinear absorption?

  Answer   Nonlinear absorption is the kind of absorption that occurs when materials are illuminated by a strong laser source. It's name is nonlinear because this typ (MORE)

What is nonlinear?

Nonlinear means something is not in a line. It is a term commonly  used in math, meaning two or more equations are not on the same  line.

What is nonlinear load?

It must mean a load that is not constant, or does not follow a straight line relation with some other parameter. For example air resistance- the drag on a vehicle increases as (MORE)

What is nonlinear circuit?

A nonlinear component is one in which the current is not  proportional to the voltage, in other words it does not follow  Ohm's law.    The commonest nonlinear compon (MORE)

What is a nonlinear function?

it's linear if for any x,y,k values: f(k*x + (1-k)*y) = k*f(x) + (1-k)*f(y) or, an equivalent condition: it's linear if for any k value: f(k) = k*f(1) + (1-k)*f(0) = f(0) (MORE)