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What is nonlinear absorption?

  Answer   Nonlinear absorption is the kind of absorption that occurs when materials are illuminated by a strong laser source. It's name is nonlinear because this typ (MORE)

What is nonlinear hypertext?

Nonlinear hypertext is the link embedded in online text that enables readers to follow their own path through the content.
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What is nonlinear?

Nonlinear means something is not in a line. It is a term commonly  used in math, meaning two or more equations are not on the same  line.

What are the linear and nonlinear data structure?

Linear DataStructures are having linear relationships in storage like stacks,queue,linked list Non Linear DataStructures are having non linear and non sequential relationshi (MORE)

What is nonlinear load?

It must mean a load that is not constant, or does not follow a straight line relation with some other parameter. For example air resistance- the drag on a vehicle increases as (MORE)
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What is nonlinear circuit?

A nonlinear component is one in which the current is not  proportional to the voltage, in other words it does not follow  Ohm's law.    The commonest nonlinear compon (MORE)

What is a nonlinear function?

it's linear if for any x,y,k values: f(k*x + (1-k)*y) = k*f(x) + (1-k)*f(y) or, an equivalent condition: it's linear if for any k value: f(k) = k*f(1) + (1-k)*f(0) = f(0) (MORE)