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Is the NAACP nonprofit?

"...the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is a non-profit organization established with the objective of insuring the political, educational, (MORE)

Can an LLC be a Nonprofit?

Some statesdo allow non-profit LLcsIt is my understanding that some states allow non-profit LLCs. I'm an attorney in Missouri, and a friend at the local Secretary of State off (MORE)

Why donate to nonprofit?

There are millions of non-profits that do not accept donations. But  if you find one that does, you should consider whether they carry  out some program that you would like (MORE)

Can you get paid from a nonprofit?

Yes, pay is usually dependent on the non-profit and more specifically depending on the role of the person within the organization. Non-profit status companies range from the (MORE)

What is a nonprofit corporation?

A nonprofit corporation is an organization or company that gains money through sales and keeps 100% of the profit. Income and any surplus funds are not distributed to owners o (MORE)

Do nonprofits have to be org?

Not to my knowledge. However, you do not have to be a nonprofit to register a .org. For instance, if you have seen Drake & Josh, in "The Storm," Drake asks Josh where he rent (MORE)

What do you think about nonprofit organizations?

Like any other organizations or any other people, non-profits can be good or bad; helpful or not; worthwhile or worthless.    Non profits have been granted certain tax (MORE)
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How do nonprofit agencies receive their funding?

Nonprofit organizations may receive funding from sponsorship,  donations, or reimbursement for services. The designation  "nonprofit" doesn't mean that the organization does (MORE)