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Meaning of the word nonsectarian?

To not be affiliated with a specific religious denomination, or limited to one either. Sectarian essentially means to section, or segment, separate. Nonsectarian, therefor ( Full Answer )
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What does nonsectarian school mean?

a school without a religious denomination. no specific religious education required for studying, only values education subjects.
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How do you use nonsectarian in a sentence?

The word "nonsectarian" is generally used in reference toorganizations without religious affiliations or exclusions. Anexample of a sentence using the word "nonsectarian" is " ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence with nonsectarian?

He took great pains to build an inclusive, nonsectarian coalition.They wanted the new government to be nonsectarian. The wordnonsectarian is an adjective.
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What is a sentence using the word nonsectarian?

Nonsectarian means not affiliated with a religion. The St. Patrick's Day parade is a nonsectarian event, participated in and enjoyed by everyone.