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What is the meaning of nonsense?

Answer . yes i believe i do... one second the mcnuggets are fools do not trust the mcnuggets if they rule they will eat the ocean is pretty lets go swim in custard... t (MORE)
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What is nonsense mutation?

If a purine or pyrimidine nitrogenous base is replaced by another purine or pyrimidine , resulting mutation is called a nonsense mutation . Its effect may be small or drastic (MORE)
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Is religion nonsense?

It was discovered that early man (neanderthal) practiced a sort of funeral rite. They discovered flowers that had been buried with the deceased. This was one of the first clue (MORE)

What is a nonsense answer?

A nonsense answer is an answer to a question that does not make an actual attempt to answer the question. For example, you might ask "Why is the sky blue?" and a nonsense answ (MORE)
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What is a nonsense in science?

Nonsense in science could for instance refer to a "scientific" study conducted without the use of scientific methods and protocols, which might create non-reproducable results (MORE)
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How do you unsubscribe to this nonsense?

We need more information to fully answer your question, but formost e-mail subscriptions you can unsubscribe using a link at thefooter of the site or many times at the origina (MORE)