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What is the difference between standard and nonstandard insurance?

Standard and Non Standard Policy Forms The only difference is the Policy Forms they are written on and the range of applicants that can be accepted Standard Insurance polici (MORE)

What is the difference between nonstandard and standard units of measurements?

Standard units are common units that can be re-measured easily. Examples: meters, miles, grams, seconds, etc. Non standard units are more so things than units that can't be (MORE)

What 3 continents have nonstandard time zones?

Asia and Antarctica are the only continents that have nonstandard  time zones. In the 1920's other areas of the world changed to  standard time zones to avoid railroad train (MORE)

What type of idea is being sold when an advertisement includes a black woman with a scarf around her hair who speaks nonstandard English and seems happy being a servant?

The idea that African American women are content to be thought of  as inferior to others is being sold when such an advertisement  appears.
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