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What is the meaning of nonstandard English?

Standard English is the literary dialect that is taught in school. It comes from the Saxon part of Anglo-Saxon, or Old English. Nonstandard English is any of the many and vari (MORE)

What is nonstandard units of measure?

These must be units which are neither in the foot-pound system or the SI system. Mostly these are obsolete units but in some out of the way countries old units may still be us (MORE)
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Nonstandard unit for time?

Time is one of the units that hasn't been fully converted to metric, and probably never will be. Because all time (on earth) is based on natural phenomenon on earth, then i (MORE)

What are examples of nonstandard units of measure?

Handful, chapter, pinch, truckload, pocketful, shovelful, cubit, sprinkle, dusting, 'to taste' are all examples of nonstandardized units.. They may describe easily understood (MORE)

What is the meaning of nonstandard units of measurement?

A non-standard unit of measurement is a way of reporting measurements in terms of units whose value only a few people may know. Many of the early, non-standard units of measu (MORE)